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  • CT
    Sophisticated design, new large-diameter gantry, green concept, Intelligent exposure control system.
  • MRI
    The most cost-effective 1.5T superconducting MRI with switching rate and high uniformity for magnetic It also equipped with advanced clinical application software which brings to our customers for higher values of clinical use and scientific research
  • RF
    It comes from GMM which manufacture large radiology equipment and develop imaging technology in Italy. The product from GMM made breaks through the tranditional X-ray fluoroscopy.
  • DR
    Configuration with high performance. It integrates smartly with tube, generator and detector to ensure the excellent image quality. Double collumn design
  • C-arm
    It has innovative high definition, high contrast image system with rotating anode X-ray source of high heating capacity .
  • Mammography
    This mammo unit adopts the advanced all round motorized C-arm isocenter rotation system. ergonomic design of angle memory function enables to achieve the function of automatic body positioning. It optimizes digital images in all area and it also has
  • Ultrasound
    Canon ultrasound has complete product line and it also provides a variety of models to meet the needs of every user in the aspect of diagnosis and scientific research.
  • Bone Densitometer
    Bone density is an important indicator for the quality of bone. It is also an important basis on reflecting the level of osteoporosis and predicting the risk of bone fracture. KD-GRAND uses dual energy X-ray absorption for measuring bone density.
  • Dental CBCT And Panoramic
    It has three independent detector which includes panoramic, Cephalometric and CT. It will increase the life span of the detector. The three-dimensional image has the function of single scanning: FOV14×14. That means only one time exposure reach high
  • Waterlaser Dental Equipment
    Water laser is in the leading position for oral treatment with its higher technology and innovation. It is also one of the essential tools for oral clinical treatment. Water laser technology has the obvious excellent effect on root canal treatment.,
  • Dental Chair
    Side suspension elevated electric chair, floor-type cabinet design, backrest, chair elevation has function of synchronization and anti-squeezing safety protection device.